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My name is Correne

Have you always wanted to cultivate deep connection and growth with the plant allies and beings on this beautiful planet?

Would you like to step into true holistic health and balance of all aspects of your being ~ physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual?

Do you desire to learn all you can from the land you live on so that you can live a self sufficient, balanced, and fulfilling life?

Have you experienced frustration due to repeating patterns in your life that create barriers and plateaus that prevent you from experiencing the true health you long for? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired!?

Do you long to step into your highest potential and accomplish what you came here to create but feel uncertain how?

Are you ready to be the best, most awesome version of you?

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How to Get Started with Spiraea

If you long to learn more about plants and their wisdom, holistic healing and self sufficiency then look no further. Allow Spiraea to guide you into the world of plant based healing and true holistic health with a touch of magic.

Spiraea offers so many learning opportunities, enabling you to dive into the world of plant wisdom, healing and whole body health. With multiple formats, including video instruction, blog posts and even a book, there is something for everyone!

Plant medicine is a life-long journey, with each step we take cultivating a deeper connection with this beautiful Earth, revealing new layers of self and healing.

Allow the plants healers and allies to spiral into all aspects of your being with the Weavers of Plant Wisdom monthly membership.

With ongoing support and fresh content created regularly, you can branch into and build your herbal knowledge in a holistic and sustainable way.

Are you ready to step into who you are meant to be and experience a holistic health on every level of your being ~ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual?

Then we invite you to explore what Weavers of Plant Wisdom has to offer.

If you are ready to reclaim your health, wellness and vibrancy than this healing opportunity is for you. Many of us are weary of feeling tired, unwell and unable to reach our full potential. Constantly hitting road blocks and barriers preventing us from finally experiencing true and whole health.

One-on-one clinical and coaching sessions are available with Correne with a wide range of healing modalities available from herbal wellness consultation to energy healing. Step into a new and healthier you today!

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What People Are Saying

Correne is a wealth of information on all things herbal.

I have used a variety of her products on myself and my kids with amazing results. I also have had the pleasure of discussing health related issues with her and her knowledge, listening ear, and attentiveness to offer herbal recommendations was always above and beyond. You won’t be disappointed at being able to tap into Correne’s knowledge and recipes.

I am very fortunate to have chosen Correne.

After a severe lung infection resulting in a progressive rare autoimmune disease (stage 2 sarcoidosis), my choices were either steroids for the rest of my life, or consult a second opinion from a herbalist. Not only has my sarcoidosis stabilized, my quality of life has been drastically improved. Words can not express my gratitude and appreciation for Correne, the work she does, and the drastic improvement she has had on my life.

Spiraling Roots has been my gateway book into herbalism.

I have others but I so appreciate the practicality of the products and that Correne uses so many local and easily found herbs. I’ve probably made a third of the recipes since I got the book last year, way more than any other book ever.

I highly recommend Correne and I trust her with my and my family’s life.

When we lost our 16 year old dog Tofi, we were all devastated. But we were not prepared for the grief our other dog Finnegan would experience. He slipped into a deep depression. My first thought was to contact Correne to see if she could help, and of course she knew she would be able to provide us with a Bach remedy, for both Finnegan and us.It took about 3 days to kick in and now he is a new dog! He no longer goes into a panic when we leave the house and is overall a much calmer dog.

Disclaimer Statement: I am a Herbalist & Healer

I am a clinical herbalist, holistic health practitioner and energy healer. As such I help people improve their wellness and overall health through the use of herbs, lifestyle adjustments, emotional support and nutritional guidance. I am not a doctor and legally cannot diagnose.

This site provides information for educational purposes only and should not be interpreted as a diagnosis, cure or treatment of any specific condition. Spiraea Herbal Clinic does not claim nor imply that any information provided will treat, cure or prevent any particular disease states.

Before using any herbal remedies please do your own independent research on dosages, contraindications and drug interactions. For chronic conditions or any health concerns I highly recommend you seek the help of a qualified health practitioner.