I know you are so fed up with feeling sick and tired!

You want more clarity on what herbs to use and why. You're ready to be radically self reliant and super resourceful for your whole family.

The journey from who you are now, to who

you want to become starts today.

A message from me....

Weavers is the beautiful place where we can experience deeper learning without commiting to a clinical program.

No longer do you need to fumble between books and YouTube videos, walking this path alone.

Nor do you need to play in the arena of deadlines, payments and exams.

Instead you can play in the magical space that is in-between; experiening all that plants have to offer on your schedule and timeline!

Are you ready to bring the power of herbal medicine

and natural health into your home?


"Becoming a Weaver of Plant Wisdom has opened my eyes and mind to an aspect of life that has been long forgotten.

I will never look at life the same way again. If you're ready to understand the incredible energy and symbiotic relationship of plants, then this group is for you!"

~ Andrea Seawright

Do you answer YES to any of these questions?

Are you ready to take back the responsibility of your health from the practitioners who claim authority over it?

To have the power of your healing in your hands,no longer outsourcing it to people who do not know your body the way you do?

Do you want to learn how to break through all the fluff and get down to the basics of what plant works best for each situation?

To find what will work for you and your family and know exactly which plant to reach for in every scenerio!

Do you crave to be more connected with the Earth and truly step into stewardship of this amazing planet we call home?

To learn about the herbs that grow here and how to create medicines with things that grow in your own backyard?

"Not too long ago I felt a deep calling to reconnect with the plants and the world of natural medicine. However, once I found myself fully in this world I realized how very overwhelming it was for most people to even get started.

It can be hard to know which book to pick up, what herbs to start with or if plant medicine is even safe! I knew that I had to bring this innate wisdom back into the hands of every single household across North America and that is why I created Weavers of Plant Wisdom.

Weavers is my online membership community where we explore what it means to be your family’s herbalist. We bring these ancient medicines into your home apothecary, empowering you to look after your family no matter what is happening in the world around you. Weaver’s does all of this while responsibly looking after your pocketbook and not committing you to a four year clinical program."

~ Correne

Experience the Magic of Weavers

Included in your membership....

Get a taste of what's to come when you join Weavers

These are some of our most popular modules that our students love...

  • Breakthroughs in Health ~ be accountable for your health; learn how to be unwavering in your resolve to heal and how to navigate roadblocks and moments when you fall off the wagon
  • Building Immunity ~ discover exactly how your immune system works; what foods help and what hurts; what herbs can support your immunity and how to use them appropriately to get the best results
  • Medicine Making ~ learn the potent yet simple methods of how to make tinctures, herbal infused oils, nourishing herbal infusions & teas
  • Focus on Herbs ~ access 20+ herb specific classes each accompanied by a professional (and printable) monograph. Some of the herbs we've covered are dandelion, calendula, elderberries, goldenrod, nettles, peppermint, mullein, plantain, echinacea and so many more!
  • Reset to Digest ~ learn why digestion is the place where everyone should start, how the system works and exactly what herbs will finally having feeling great
  • Live Demo Classes ~ watch Correne make medicines, press tinctures and create formulas first hand!
  • Formulating Practice Classes ~ these are some of our most potent classes where you get hands on experience formulating for specific conditions including cold, flu, digestive upset, anxiety, insomina etc.
  • The Essence of Flowers ~ what the heck are flower essences? how do we make them and what do we use them for? Learn this and so much more in this module

What People Are Saying

Who is Weavers For?

Weavers is for you if you are...

  • Wanting to bring herbal medicines into your life
  • Interested in a lower toxin lifestyle
  • Action orientated and ready to try new things
  • Not afraid to create medicines and actually take them
  • Ready to understand nutrition and how the body works
  • Motivated to make change in your life and improve things for both you and your family
  • Enjoy coming to classes and participating in the forums, sharing all of your amazing accomplishments and wins
  • Inspired to help create an amazing herbal community

It's okay if you are little bit nervous! I was too when I first started, but don't worry. I have this broken down step-by-step with the safest herbs that you can bring into your home and apothecary. It's going to be so straight forward and simple. You will just love it, I promise!

Correne has been sharing her herbal knowledge with the world for over a decade!

  • She has been running a successful herbal practice for over 12 years where she guides people from all walks of life to acheiving their health goals through lifestyle shifts, herbal formulations and emotional release techniques/support.
  • Has over 5 years of clinical herbal education which includes training in anatomy, physiology & pharmacology. She has studied at Dominion Herbal College, Living Earth School of Herbalism & with Rosemary Gladstar.
  • Facilitates popular classes & workshops in her local community on herbalism, homesteading, food preservation and natural health.
  • Correne has been invited to speak at multiple herbal conferences, including Heartwood Herbal Retreat, Back to Your Roots, & local venues such as Richters Herbs. Her deeply passionate approach to sharing knowledge is accessible, down to earth, laced with both humour and real-life examples helping to really ground in participants experiences.
  • She is the content creator and author of Spiraea Herbs a herbal blog (voted one of the best herbal resources online), her wildly succesful YouTube channel with over 16K followers, as well as her published book, Spiraling Roots: Recipes for a Vital Life.
  • She brings real-world & applicable knowledge to the table thanks to her lifestyle as a homesteader & herbalist striving toward self-sufficiency.

Why Learn with Correne?

Correne Omland

Clinical Herbalist

Founder of...

  • Spiraea Herbal Clinic
  • Weavers of Plant Wisdom
  • My Grounded Home

Healthy Plants Begin with Strong Roots

What you get when you join Weavers

  • Clear and easy to follow. All lessons are delivered in a simple to navigate platform with well organized modules.
  • Lessons and curriculum are truly holistic. We will be weaving plant medicine into all aspects of our lives; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, allowing for true holistic health.
  • Live and recorded curriculum allows for flexibility and self-paced learning. However, if you need access to the instructor, live classes are available!
  • This membership is not found in any textbook, instead coming from Correne's hands-on experience as a clinical herbalist, holistic healer & natural health advocate.
  • Herb school level curriculum without the expensive price tag!
  • Delivered in bite sized pieces that are easy to understand. Avoid being steeped in confusing terms, complicated formulations and difficult to understand applications.
  • Learn to weave together spiritual and metaphysical concepts into a practical plant-based practice.
  • Cover all things plants! There will be no avenue untouched in Weavers of Plant Wisdom. Learn to make medicines, grow food, ferment vegetables, make energetic remedies and so much more.

What you won't get with Weavers

  • Having to piece together your information from multiple sources leaving you feeling overwhelmed and confused on how it all fits together.
  • Pigeonholed content that is only geared towards the physical body, leaving behind so many of the amazing aspects that makes you YOU!
  • Missed classes where you have to beg a friend for the notes hoping you can catch up in time for the next class.
  • The same old content regurgitated with no real-world application or context of how to use this in your life.
  • Expensive tuition bills that will you and your family scrambling to make payments.
  • Overwhelming concepts, terminology and assignments making you wonder if you are truly cut out for the world of plant medicine.
  • Knowledge that only focuses on a medical model approach leaving you feeling like pieces of important information are missing.
  • Singularly focused curriculum that leaves so many opportunities and really cool ways of using plants left undiscussed and untouched.

It's time to remember what it feels like....

to be vibrant, grounded and truly invested in your health and well-being!

Are you ready to take back your health & step into the feeling of knowing that you're the one in control of your healing journey?

FAQ Section

What is included?

In Weavers you get access to...

  • The entire online library for as long as you are a member
  • All of the monographs and handouts available for download in the library
  • Invitations to join all of the live streaming classes via Zoom
  • Access to Correne via the Facebook community group to ask all of your questions!
What kind of education do I need to join Weavers?

There are no educational prerequistes to join Weavers of Plant Wisdom! Just a willingness to learn and apply what you have learned to your everyday life.

Will I get a certificate through Weavers?

Weavers is a home study membership platform designed to empower and educate the at home herbalist. While the information presented here is comparable to some online herbal schools, this is not a certification program.

Why should I join this when Correne's already on YouTube?

This is a great question and we're so glad that you asked! While Correne has an extensive YouTube channel, the information available there is very basic and at a surface level.

In Weavers she is allowed to go into FAR more depth than platforms like YouTube or Meta allow her too, resulting in far more robust material. You will get specific formulating practice, full and detailed herbal monographs, information on how to treat specific systems of the body and so much more. Trust us, it's WAY more than you will ever find on YouTube!

What is not included?
  • Personalized or individual health advice for specific health conditions
  • One-on-one consultations with Correne (although these are available through her clinical herbal practice).
I have no herbal or natural health backround! I'm worried Weavers will be too complicated for me.

We completely understand your hesitation and worry! But Weavers is designed for herbal enthusiats of all backgrounds, walks of life and experience levels. Correne's approach to teach is extremely accessible, grounded and easy to understand. She has the unique ability to take concepts that some may find complicated and present them in a way that will leave you feeling empowered and absolutely ready to start your own home apothecary.

I'm really busy, what kind of time commitment are we talking here?

There are no specific assignments or tests through Weavers and definitely no due dates or deadlines. This is a platform designed to fit into your life exactly the way you want that to happen! If you can attend live classes, that's great. But if you can't, you can work through the library at your own pace and select the lessons that are of most interest to you.

What if I try Weavers and it turns out that it's not for me?

There is a lot of noise and chaos in the world and we do not want to add to it! If you decide that Weavers is not a fit or you simply do not have the time you wish you could dedicate to it, you just need to reach out to our team and we can cancel your membership for you.

If at any point you wish to rejoin the community, we would love to have you back!

Still have questions?

We'd love to hear from you. If you have reviewed all the information on this page and still have questions, here are your next steps:

Email us at spiraeaherbs@gmail.com